Past Conferences

FIP Conference 2018: Ready, Set, Innovate: New Media in Libraries

Keynote Speaker Lydia Zvyagintseva: Click Here for Details

Photos of FIP Conference 2018: Click Here for Photos

Presentations from FIP Conference 2018: Check back for presentations soon!

FIP Conference 2017: Librarianship In The 21st Century: Nuts and Bolts

Keynote Speaker Dr. Frank Tough: click here for details

Photos of FIP Conference 2017: click here for photos

Presentations from FIP Conference 2017: click here for slides and videos

FIP Conference 2016: Libraries of the Future: Where We are Going There Are No Roads

Keynote Speakers: Annie Pho, Michael Gourlie and Braden Cannon: click here for details

Photos of FIP Conference 2016: click here for photos

FIP Conference 2015: Inspiring Advocacy

Keynote Speakers: Myron Groover  –  Love in the Time of Austerity: Library Advocacy in Tough Times and How to (Maybe) Survive It: click here for full text

Robyn Hall – Putting Cracks in the Paywall: Connecting Librarian Values, Actions, and Technology: click here for slide deck

Student Presentations: click here for student presentations

Photos of FIP Conference 2015: click here for photos

FIP Conference 2014: BiblioTech: Digital Trends in Library and Information Work

Keynote Speakers: Anabel Quan-Haase, and Edmonton Public Library’s Digital Initiatives Team: click here for details

Student Presentations: click here for student presentations

FIP Conference 2013: Looking Forward: Trends in Library and Information Work

Keynote Speaker: Stephen Abram – Working in the Information Future: Non-traditional Paths in Library Work: click here for slide deck and video

“Trends and Changes in Work” Panel Discussion with Geoff Harder, Pilar Martinez, and Stephen Abram: click here for video