2016 Keynote Speakers


Keynote Speaker Annie Pho is an Undergraduate Experience Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was a 2014 ALA Emerging Leader, and an alumna of the Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians. She is an editorial board member for In the Library with the Lead Pipe, an open access and open peer review journal; on the admin team for the #critlib Twitter chats, and the LIS Microagressions team. Her research interests include diversity and stereotypes in librarianship, intersectional feminism in LIS, and critical pedagogy. When she’s not in the library, she likes to hang out with her cats and ride her bike along Chicago’s many bike paths.

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Michael and Braden

Michael Gourlie works at the Provincial Archives of Alberta as a Government Records Archivist, a position which includes archival appraisal, description, and reference functions.  Previously, he was the Executive Director / Archives Advisor for the Archives Society of Alberta from 1997 to 2012, where he oversaw professional development initiatives, grants administration, and outreach programs for the Society.  Over the past twenty years, he has also served in a number of committee positions in the Archives Association of BC and the Canadian Council of Archives, and he served as Vice-President of the Association of Canadian Archivists from 2012-2015.

Braden Cannon is a Private Records Archivist at the Provincial Archives of Alberta, where his duties include acquisition, appraisal, and  description of archival records in all media, with particular emphasis on audiovisual records.  He holds a Master of Library and Information Studies degree from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from Carleton University.  He is a founding member of the Edmonton chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild and has served in several positions within the Archives Society of Alberta and the Association of Canadian Archivists.  He has published articles on a variety of topics including archival outreach, photographic history, current archival practice, and the works of philosopher and novelist Albert Camus.