2021 Title Card (Website)

Our 2021 conference has been announced! On February 12th, 2021 we will be hosting our first fully online conference. We are currently accepting presentation and poster proposals, with more information on our Call for Proposals page. Registration will be available at a later time.

“Kooky Academic Theories” references Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s reaction to the federal government’s throne speech of September 2020. Mr. Kenney was quoted as saying that there “was space for every bright shiny object, every possible political distraction, kooky academic theories like intersectionality found their way into yesterday’s throne speech.” Our choice of conference theme was meant as satire towards that attitude while allowing conference goers to highlight their own academic work.

“Kooky academic theories”, like intersectionality, abound in libraries. Experiences that arise when race, gender, sexuality, class, and (dis)ability intersect affect our ability to access information and to use it in society. But intersectionality isn’t our only “kooky academic theory”, many of which affect the ways that librarians practice their profession on a daily level. How has theory, “kooky” or not, affected your praxis?


To view previous conference presentations please visit the Education and Research Archive.